Figure Out Your Cost

How much will this bond cost YOU? The cost of the Muldown bond is covered by an increase to your property taxes. The increase is based on your property's TAXABLE VALUE. Taxable value is significantly less than the market value of your home. For instance, the property in the example below has MARKET VALUE of $249,800, but a TAXABLE VALUE of $3372.  A home with a taxable value of $3372 would see a property tax increase of approximately $133.43 per year for this bond which corresponds to $11.12 per month. Find your property's 2016 taxable value here by following the instructions below.  To estimate your cost multiply your 2016 taxable value by 0.03957. Or enter it in the calculator below.

This page is for estimation purposes only. The estimation is based off of current bond pricing trends and 2016 tax valuations.

Taxable Value

Instructions for finding your taxable home value. 

1. Visit the Flathead County Land Information System website and search for your property using one of the available methods (e.g. Pay or view taxes by Address, Pay or view taxes by Owner Name).


2. Select your property from the list of returned results.

3. Select the view tax bill tab.

4. Select the link that starts with 2016xxxx.


5. Open the downloaded pdf and find your taxable value at the area highlighted below.

6. Enter the taxable value in the calculator at the top of this page, or multiply the taxable value by 0.03957.